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Greetings to all our valuable shareholders.

 As you all know the vision statement of Govt. of India on Biotechnology is :


“Attaining new heights
in biotechnology research,
shaping biotechnology
into a premier precision tool
of the future
for creation of wealth
and ensuring
social justice -
specially for the
welfare of the poor.”


We at “Genomic Valley Biotech Ltd” are also trying to adhere to the same and putting  our efforts to realize the goals and objectives of the same.

  Indian biotechnology sector has excellent potential and is expected to touch five billion-dollar mark by the end of this year - 2010," a report jointly prepared by industry chamber CII and consultancy firm KPMG said.

"India is ranked among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and is the third biggest in Asia-Pacific in terms of the number of biotech companies," it added.  Investments in the segment are also growing at the rate of about 38 per cent for the last few years and have touched 560 million dollars in 2006-07. Biopharma is one of the important segments of the Indian biotechnology sector and it constitutes about 70 per cent of the domestic biotech industry. Of the total 325 biotechnology companies in India , more than 40 per cent are in the biopharma sector, the report said. 

  As you know Genomic Valley Biotech Ltd (GVBL)., erstwhile M/S Tushar Agribusiness Consortium India Ltd., was formed with the objective of conducting research in the field of Biotechnology (Plant & Animal) and also to undertake commercial production of Plant Tissue Cultured Plants of different species to feed the genetically improved plant market nationally as well as internationally. 

GVBL is having an unique combination of activities to contribute towards its Revenue Model.  The activities  are as follows :  

  • Creation of Brain Pool
  • Training Institute
  • Commercial Production Unit
  • Ultramodern Research & Development Facility
  • International Collaboration for R&D Projects


Brain Pool & Training Institute

  In any growing field, the requirements of quality man power grows exponentially.  And only good quality man power can give the quality output for the progress of the field.

 The company successfully contacted ten scientists in the field of Biotechnology from some premiere institutes in India  and formed a Team of Scientists to extending support and guidance for the company’s future activities 

Our company is having a focused vision to establish a Biotechnology Training Institute in the state of Haryana.  With a balanced study and research facilities, the Institute will create “Fresh Brain Pool in Biotechnology” in terms of it’s students and scholars.  This scholarly strength will be utilized in-house for our upcoming Commercial Plant Tissue Culture Unit in the near future, and also this Brain Pool will cater to the need of the country for talented man power in the field of Biotechnology.


Commercial Plant Tissue Culture Production Unit

  The commercial potential of plant-cell tissue culture has not yet been fully recognized and is underexploited. Plant-cell tissue culture has two primary products: plant tissue for efficient micropropagation of plants and the use of plant-tissue culture to produce specialty chemicals.

Plant-cell, tissue, and organ cultures can be used in processes analogous to traditional fermentation processes for producing chemicals. Although less than 5% of the world's plants have even been identified taxonomically, from among the known plants over 20,000 chemicals are produced - about 4 times as many as from all microorganisms. Very few of the chemicals in pure or semi pure form have been tested for their pharmacological activity for other uses. The enzymatic systems in plants can be used to generate completely new compounds when supplied with analogues of natural substrates; thus, plants contain an underused biochemical diversity. Even the limited use of this vast biochemical potential has had important impacts on mankind; in western countries, about one-fourth of all medicines are derived from compounds extracted from plants. Other plant products are used as flavors, fragrances, or pesticides.

  Alongside, company is planning to set up Plant Tissue Culture unit to cater to the tissue cultured plants market nationally and internationally.  Also the company is having plan to enter into the field of producing bio compounds from plants using plant tissue culture techniques.

 International Collaboration in Biotechnology Research & Development

  GVBL, is also having concrete plan to set up Ultramodern research and Development facility where biotechnology research  of international standard can be conducted.  Communication is on with the research labs of different countries for getting into collaboration for different research programs in plant  as well as animal biotechnology.

 Thus with a wide vision as above, our company “Genomic Valley Biotech Ltd” is rightly poised to having it’s breakthrough in the field of biotechnology.  We are looking forward to you to have your support for enabling us to achieve our goals.


Yogesh Agrawal

Chairman & Managing Director

Genomic Valley biotech Ltd.




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