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First Meeting of Scientific advisory committee of the
Eminent Biotechnology Scientists of India



M/S Genomic Valley Biotech Limited, a Limited company as per Indian Company Law, has been incorporated to delve deep into the business and research possibilities of the most enigmatic field - Biotechnology. With the talented and professional Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Yogesh Agrawal at the helm of activities with his futuristic dream, the company is all set to march forward.

The company is presently having a Core Team of ten scientists and professionals of Indian Origin. As per the outcome of the recent meeting of the core team, M/S Genomic Valley Biotech Limited, is aiming to be the only Biotech Company in India to have wide perspective in the field touching all the aspects through Creation, Training, and Marketing in this most enigmatic arena of Biotechnology.


GVBL is having an unique combination of activities to contribute towards its Revenue Model.  The activities  are as follows :

  • Creation of Brain Pool
  • Training Institute
  • Commercial Production Unit
  • Ultramodern Research & Development Facility
  • International Collaboration for R&D Projects



The company is in the process of crating a "Brain Pool" by inducting the talented scientists, and professionals in the Biotechnology field, thus creating a Talented & Capable Team, to cater the national & international Research Needs through Exchange Program. The "Brain Pool" will conduct research for third parties internationally thus generating revenue for the company.

The "Brain Pool" will conduct internal research for inventing Biotechnology formulations which will in turn generate revenue when commercialized.


Having support from all corners, the company is all set to start its own institute by the name and style "Genomic Valley Biotech Institute" which will conduct training for the upcoming talents in the biotechnology arena commercially, thus generating revenue for the company.

The trained students will be provided placements internationally through our commercially operating Placement Cell, which will also cater for outside students professionally. This will add to the revenue of the company.


The company is coming up with its Production Unit to commercially produce some of it's Biotech Foermulae, and will keep on doing so as and when some applied research will be conducted with success. This will be a separate revenue generation unit for the company.


Presently, the company is in the process of discussing the possibility to have a common platform to act upon with some premier Biotech Institutes and Biotech Companies internationally. Once an understanding is reached we will be having a true International Platform to work and transact on!




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